College of Veterinary Medicine


The College of Veterinary Medicine has been established upon the consent of Advisory Office relating to Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at its 77th meeting for the year 1999. On 8th May of the year 1993 the administrative and scientific structure of the College has been developed by the ministerial ordinance No (1-5-5389), then the study has began at the beginning of academic year of 1994-1995. There are nineteen classes graduated from the College till the academic year of 2016-2017. The College mission is to prepare a qualified veterinarian with scientific and educational qualifications to serve the community and to provide veterinary services through specialized professors in various fields of public health of animal and animal production, besides conducting field-based and academic research within its area of competence, and providing academic, theoretical and practical consultations in various fields of Veterinary Medicine. The Veterinary Public Health, and Anatomy & Cytology and Embryos departments has been inaugurated at first, then Physiology and Chemistry, Preventative and Internal Medicine, Surgery and Veterinary Obstetrics, Microbiology and Parasitology, and Diseases and Poultry Disease departments has been introduced. At present, there are seven scientific disciplines in addition to Research Unit of Common Diseases. The Unit of common Diseases is concerned with human and animal health altogether, such Unit has been introduced by the College as a result of the importance of these diseases in addition to the state is being affected by some common serious illness such as hydatidosis - resistant tuberculosis - Brucella (brucellosis). Furthermore, the College has a major role in paying special attention to animal wealth. It also continually carries out field tours (practices field) for purpose of giving veterinary guidances and providing the animal breeders with information and the proper methods to breed their animals in order to improve production processes through combating animal diseases and preventing the spread of infectious diseases that could be transmitted to humans. Such activities is made through periodic continuing education courses. The College efforts have been positivity reflected on their students, as they ranked first for three years and ranked two for only one year in central ministerial examination results in previous years. As the College students surpassed Baghdad University’s students in the common examination that supervised by University of Mosul prior proceeding the central examination which considered an evidence of the validity of the scientific approach followed by the College

Prof. Dr. Kdhim J. Al-Jubouri

President of University of Al-Qadisiyah

Prof. Dr. Jabbar A. Al-Saaidi

Dean of the College

President's speech

In the Name of God the Most Compassionate the Most MercifulPraise be to God the Lord of the whole universe, and prayers and peace be upon the master of all creatures and his pure progeny and his companions.Peace be upon you: The university of Al-Qadisiyah in its eighteen colleges and the extensive efforts of the respected university instructors, distinguished employees are able to be part of the Iraqi reputed scientific edifice. They are driven by the hope that their university colleges to be on the top of international ranking, and indeed they insist on it by God’s will. The important qualitative leaps the university achieves in all fields come to ensure that the presidents, teaching staff and students are keen to uphold their university’s reputation in all fields. Congratulations for you all for these vivid touches that you have left. Congratulations for the efforts exerted for the public interest. Thank you all.

Dean's speech

Dean's Speechwith the Name of God. The College of Veterinary today is taking accelerated steps in all fields: scientific, educational and society services ...The location of our new college itself is a source of pride for what we have found in the positive aspects and the wide progress in the college and the university as a result of the efforts of faculty members, employees and students ... those efforts that produced good and comprehensive results. I extend my thanks and appreciation to the Computer and Internet Service Center in the presidency of the university and to the manager of the College website, for their wonderful efforts that demonstrated their true affiliation to their university and college and to our country Iraq ... Thanks to everyone who contributed in providing the site with various activities.

Scientific Activities


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  1. Jabbar A Al-Saaidi

  2. Dhia Hussain Jassim Al-Delemi

  3. Thaier Alwan Abid

  4. Ghaidaa Abass Jasim

  5. Karim Naser Taher

  6. Alaa Abdul Aziz Abed

  7. Noaman Naji A'aiz

  8. Monyer Abdulamier Abd Alfatlawi

  9. Haiffa Jumaa Hassan

  10. Basima Jasim Mohammed

  11. Miran abdalameer Alrammahi

  12. Qassim Haleem Kshash

  13. Nafea sabeeh jassim

  14. Ahmed Jasim Neamah

Assistant Professor

  1. Alaa Abdelkadhim Jawad

  2. Ali Hassan Daghir Janabi

  3. Ali Mohammed Ghazi

  4. Asaad Jassim Abid

  5. Atiaf Ghanim Rhiyf

  6. Azhar chafat karawan

  7. Bahaa Ameen Abdul Hussein

  8. Balsam Miri Mizher

  9. Eman faisal abdalhassan

  10. Hala Abbas Naji

  11. Hassan Khalaf Ulaiwi Al-Karagoly

  12. Hayder Naji Ayyez

  13. Iman Ibrahim dle naser ALhacham

  14. Jameela Radi Esmaeel

  15. Jenan Nadhim Sadeq Hasan AI_obeidi

  16. Jinan Abdul-Amir Sabeeh

  17. Kadhim Hassan Abbas

  18. Khalid Mohammed Karam

  19. Khalil Gazar Chelab Al-Nailey

  20. Khilood hamdan fahed

  21. Maha Abid Al hadi Abid Alrida

  22. Mahasen abdalrazzaq khudeir

  23. Mansoor Jadaan Ali

  24. mohamd abd jree

  25. Muthanna Hadi Hussain

  26. Nabeel Abd Murad

  27. Nawras Kadhum Mahdee

  28. Saffia kareem alumare


  30. Salman Hamza Hussein

  31. Sameer Ahmed Abid Al-redah

  32. Wisam Hussein Selman

  33. Yahia Ismail Khudhair

  34. Zahira Abduljabbar Abdulameer

  35. Zainab Ibrahim mohammed

  36. Zeena Fouad saleh


  1. Dhafer Rasheed Hameed Al-Fetly

  2. Dhama Kadim Madlol Alsallami


  4. Dr. Saad Hashim Al-Husseiny

  5. esraa taher muslim

  6. Fatimah Swadi Zghair

  7. ghassan khudhair esmael

  8. Hassaneen Ali Abd_Ameer Al_Sharoot

  9. Hiba Turky Atiya

  10. Ishtar Adnan Mohammed Alethari

  11. Israa Najm Abdullah Al-Ibadi

  12. Khetam Abdalsada Ali Alhilali

  13. Miaad Jabbar Sahib Alhilali

  14. Mohammed Abdalabbas Mlaghi

  15. Mohammed Hamzah Abdulkadhim

  16. Noor Idan Jarad

  17. Nuha Qasim Mohammed Allban

  18. Orooba Meteab Faja

  19. Salah Mahdi Karim

  20. Shaimaa abbas sabeh

  21. wisam raheem atiyah jabaar

Assistant Lecturer

  1. Asseel Abdul hamza yassien

  2. Asseel abdulridha saeed

  3. Ban Abdul Khadum Abdul Alee

  4. Batool Kadhim Meteab

  5. hadeel Hadi Jawad Albayati

  6. Hassan Ali Hammadi

  7. Hussein İmran Kareem

  8. maytham Hazim Azeez

  9. Mohammed Mahdi Yaseen

  10. Saba falah klaif